Highschool Prom Dresses trends 2022

Here you are gonna see the latest trends for every body type.Prom is the time of the year where everyone dresses formally. To make you stand out from the crowd here are a few of the 2022 prom dress trends. Some trends are classy and elegant, Some are more fun and have an edge . In this article you will find a prom dress that suits your personality as well.

From long to short from vintage to glamour here are all the prom trends you need to know before you go prom dress shopping.

The Glamorous Trend


This is perfect for anyone and everybody who wants to make a statement . A perfect glam Dress would consist of rhinestones, sequence, luxe fabric and something that stands out. The prom dress trend is something like this : Well fitted, the dress colour that compliments your skin tone as it will make the whole look is custom maid for you. The dress  should perfectly hugs your  body and the colour should complement you well making you the centre of attention. This is a trend that never gets old.

The Flowy Dress Trend

Something that is simple yet elegant. This is perfect for plus size girls. A well-fitted dress on bodice and flowy till floor makes one look like a doll and makes one appearance slimmer. Silk and chiffon mix the dress can be made in these two materials as they are light materials. The dress is comfortable yet a dress that makes one look like a goddess nothing less.

The Vintage Trend


The vintage dress trend is of fitted corset bodice with off shoulder sleeves with a small flared skirt. It enhances the curves and makes you look like a timeless beauty. Nothing can go wrong with a blast from the past. The vintage closet prom dress is most likely to be in dust nudes like blush pink or dust blue. A new trend is having them in bold colour like black and red making a statement with dress.

The Mermaid Style Trend

This trend is all about enhancing your curves. The dress is tight at the bodice with a flare beneath the waist that makes you look like a mermaid. The best part about the dress is you can glam it up or have a vintage or even a backless vibe with it. It is one of the best dress for plus size girls at will make you own you .Even though if you are skinny it would hug all your curves like a glove.

The Maxi Dress Trend

This prom dress is more laid back and elegant. It has all the small details and is like a flower. The delicate fabric, flowy textured fabric and a soft touch of embroidery makes the dress turn heads. A sheer corset with sparkle sequence is something you need to shine at prom. The maxi dress trend in the room is for people who like to put less effort. This is best if you wanna look taller. Wearing one colour all over can make you look like you are taller and slimmer. The dress style can be in two types: either you can wear it with full sleeves or spaghetti straps.

The Cinderella Dress Trend

A puffy dress but well-fitted prom dress is something that could make anyone be the centre of attention giving them a feeling of a princess. This dust blue poofy dress is a statement. one can go in any colour any embroidery they want it will suit them. Making it delicate yet edgy all you can do Is add a statement belt and some crystal drop sleeves.

The Sweetheart Trend

The Evergreen trend, the sweetheart prom dress is the prom dress of every century. The sweetheart dress is a heart shaped bodice with a straight or flared skirt. It hugs one chest beautifully and the embroidery goes down and blends with the skirt in such a way that all eyes would be on one wearing this ever trendy dress on their prom.

The Flare and Fitted Trend

The prom dress that is making it turns on being viral is fitted and flared. This dress doesn’t need any embroidery or sequence on it to make a statement.
The dress fabric best for ot would be silk as it would look the most elegant without anything. This silhouette can be the topic of every conversation after prom as it will stun everyone looking at it in awe. The dress with open cut front adds more to the flare and make it look more beautiful and sexy.

The Illusion Dress Trend

A dress that makes one look like a goddess.this dress is all you need to make people look at you the whole time. This prom dress trend is for very few people who like to be trend setters. This dress consists of mesh crystals and threading every small detail on the dress makes it look like water droplets all around you. From Kim Kardashian to Taylor swift everyone wore it once and made us stare at them in awe.

Backless Trend

A backless dress trend is a trend for few daring people. Well you have to have the confidence to pull this out this trend can be merged with any of the above style trends. Making you look like crystal glass. The backless dress makes any dress have an edge to it. The backless dress is the dress known as enchantress.

Padded Shoulder Dress Trend

A padded shoulder dress trend is a new prom dress trend. This dress is what makes one standout and makes one look more intimidating to everyone. The shoulder pads add more of a statement to ones personal style with a splash of edge. This dress is for you to be the boss lady you are.

These are all the trends you have to know about before buying your prom dress. Hope this helps you picks a dress that matches your style and personality. Happy prom dress shopping.

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