Who makes the best Leather Belts?

Pondering who makes the best leather belts is something typical, particularly among men who put a ton of stock into their appearance.

It tends to be very valuable to have a grouping of various lengths and tones that adjust to each outfit you have in your closet, yet they ought to be of the greatest quality.

Some belt fashioners have extraordinary and engaging calfskin belts for relaxed and formal occasions, however on the grounds that they’re from a “name brand” doesn’t really mean they’re awesome.

In this aide, we’ll go over the top belt architects and what to search for while you’re attempting to pick the best belt for any event.

Who Makes the Best Leather Belts?

From Calvin Klein to Amazon, there are various leather belts  makers any person can look over. Here are the top brands that men love:

Mio Marino:

Assuming you’re on the lookout for a customary cowhide belt that would be combined impeccably with a more proper outfit, for example, a suit or a tuxedo, Mio Marino is a phenomenal brand.

Each of their embellishments are made with extraordinary tender loving care.

They are completely versatile to any circumstance, particularly to spruce up a conventional pair of jeans.

Alongside their combination of cowhide belts, they additionally have shoes, gloves, socks, watches, and umbrellas-all that you really want to add a tad of additional pizazz to your closet.

Perhaps the main thing to search for in any belt is its strength, as you’ll need it to most recent a while of ordinary wear, on the off chance that not longer.

Mio Marino’s rundown of items is produced using certified calfskin and has a special development that permits them to keep up with their shape and style for longer.

By and large, they’re reasonable and agreeable belts for the ordinary man.


As a brand that is notable for its relaxed and workwear, Dickies is additionally one of the more normal brands to go over while looking for reasonable leather belts.

You might even have the option to observe their assortment at your neighborhood enormous box store, which makes them much simpler to procure without a second to spare.

The greater part of their belts are accessible in one or the other brown or dark calfskin, however you might have the option to observe light earthy colored cowhide belts, too.

The style of Dickies belts is novel, as they have a stocky yet direct stylish that matches your manly character.

They additionally have an arrangement of adaptable and advantageous elements, for example, twofold prong terminations and sewn-in metal plates, to guarantee the belt keeps up with its shape.

One more advantage of this brand is that they have a variety of sizes for men who wear 30″ to 40″ pants.


An extraordinary method for ensuring you’re buying an excellent yet reasonable belt is to think about outside brands, like Columbia.

They have a broad determination of very good quality items, like coats and boots, yet additionally have many belts to look over that are more reasonable than you’d might suspect.

As an additional advantage, clients will get the Columbia guarantee with each buy. Which permits you to guarantee that the nature of the belt holds up the whole time you own it.

What we love the most with regards to Columbia cowhide belts is that they are agreeable to wear, as they are intended for men who are climbing, portaging, or in any event, riding bicycles.

You’ll likewise adore how exceptionally versatile most of their styles are, as you can normally track down gleaming cowhide for formal events and worn calfskin for a more relaxed look.

Likewise, contrasted with most different brands, Columbia has a combination of shadings to browse, including dark, light and dim brown, and white.

Forest area:

As the last reasonable belt brand we’ll investigate, Timberland is a little higher on the value range, but on the other hand it’s an exceptionally eminent brand.

Worn by various famous people, these belts have a striking tasteful that you can match with any outfit.

Regardless of whether you were to purchase a more relaxed style, you’d observe that it’s easy to wear with a tailored suit or a proper tuxedo.

Rather than depending on a mix of materials, Timberland’s belts are produced using 100 percent calfskin, so you can promise you are making out really well.

Their styles are likewise known for their solace, as the clasp is commonly level to offer a more consistent tasteful.

Numerous choices additionally have classical finishing. For example, a brushed nickel or a brushed bronze clasp, which is somewhat unique in relation to different makers available.

During assembling, there are a lot of elements added to these belts to draw out their life span.

One of the most significant is accuracy producing. Which gives close consideration to the creases of the belt, guaranteeing they offer greatest toughness.

With the tight sewing and accuracy fabricating, you can even involve their belts as work belts, assuming you want.

Extravagance Brands

Salvatore Ferragamo:

Assuming your financial plan proposes that you should be investigating leather belt brands. Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the most striking to consider.

With a combination of various styles, cowhide grains, and shadings. These belts are intended to dazzle any man who needs to set the right impression.

What makes these belts interesting is that they are made in Italy utilizing the best cowhide conceivable.

Salvatore Ferragamo belts are made utilizing calfskin with a rich grain, which assists with making a more raised stylish.

You’ll likewise see their marked clasp, which is altogether unlike different brands. So others will know what extravagance brand you’re wearing that day.

Ideal for the kind of man who prefers a style that is outside of the standard. We enthusiastically suggest thinking about this extravagance brand.

Christian Louboutin:

The vast majority have known about Christian Louboutin because of their splendid shoe plans. However they are likewise very notable as a result of their embellishments.

For instance, the Louis Spike Leather Belt has a plaque of dark spiked studs. On the clasp that are arranged against a radiant red foundation.

Like the Salvatore Ferragamo belts, you can ensure that while wearing a Louboutin piece. Individuals will know unequivocally what planner you have on.

All of the calfskin belts accessible from the brand. Offer the best so you can serenely wear the belt at least a time or two.

Most styles are made utilizing mid-grain cowhide and are made in Italy with faultless scrupulousness.

Christian Louboutin is an awesome brand for any person who prefers more present day. Parts of add a little uniqueness to easygoing and formal outfits.


With a lot of costly belts to browse. MCM is one of the most conspicuous brands that utilization a badge on the greater part of their items.

Dissimilar to the next two extravagance brands we’ve examined. This architect needs to spread the word about it that you are wearing their styles.

These leather belts are best worn for easygoing purposes. However on the off chance that you selected a dark/dark style, you could match it with a more proper outfit.

Every one of the belts from MCM is produced using calfskin cowhide, like Salvatore Ferragamo.

An additional advantage is that a portion of the belts are reversible. Offering a strong shading on one side and a printed plan on the other.

We strongly suggest putting resources into a belt that has both. So you can have full command over the style you need to wear that day.

You will likewise observe most of MCM belts have an enormous emblem. Clasp that offers an extremely unmistakable edge to your style.